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  • Christian von Malotki

Simply Start

Shortly after the start in industry in 2011 the desire to understand the economy better has arisen. This was followed by an #MBA study at #SMBS with 6 stays abroad from 2018 to 2020: #Lomonosov #Moscow State University in Russia; #Philipps-University #Marburg in Germany; University of #Westminster-#London in Great Britain; #York University-#Toronto in Canada; #Georgetown University-#Washington in the USA and #Fudan University-#Shanghai in China.

In each module, both nationally and internationally, we have discussed self-employment and "being one's own boss", which we believe has many advantages. But almost as many were aware that we are always just planning but not taking #thefirststep.

In July I received a call from my partner Roland Kramer, who had an exciting idea with an interesting client, and I was faced with the choice of starting unplanned or continuing to plan and not taking the first step.

Today 2 months later I am about to found #ECHD CONSULTING, we have our first customer and are rushing into the action full of curiosity. My tip for Saturday: #simplystart, nobody takes away your experience and in a team it's great fun, because everyone pulls the other one along. "Together we are strong! And therefore, strong for the customer!

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